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Weekend Wildcard Challenge - July 16, 2022


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On March 27th, I hosted a Scrap Chat that asked for challenge ideas from YOU - ScrapGirls active in the Forum. Here is one of the challenge ideas provided by @ladyscrapalot. She wants to challenge everyone to create a layout in the art journaling style or influenced by this style. I admit, I DO find this style of scrapping challenging, while others in this forum do it so beautifully and with such ease. Keeping that in mind.....

.....here are some ScrapGirls tutorials describing how to create your own art journaling layout. A few are old but still valuable, showing paper scrapping or hybrid projects. However with styles, creative mouse work, or ScrapSimple products some of the techniques can be applied to digital. I had a lot of fun digging through these.
Art Journaling
Art Journaling ScrapGirls Style Lesson 1
Art Journaling ScrapGirls Style Lesson 2
Art Journaling ScrapGirls Style Lesson 3
Taking the Mystery out of Art Journaling
Using Journal Cards in Art Journaling
Creating an Art Journal Layout Using Templates
Art Journaling Inspiration from Past Art Work
Adding Realism to Digital Art Journal Pages

Post your layout in the Weekend Wildcard Gallery and paste a link in the thread below. Don't forget to paste a link in the July Challenge Chase if you are participating.

I was influenced particularly by Jody West's "Taking the Mystery out of Art Journaling" and "Creating an Art Journal Using Templates." Here is my art journal attempt: Simple Man

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My life now---My page

Marilyn and Jody were  the queens of AJ work! RIP Jody, I miss you and great idea of a challenge Marilyn.

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