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Looking for White papers

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Looking for white papers with subtle hint of graph or lines. Not Christmassy or wedding themed - mixed media/grungy style ... White/neutral elements a plus!

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Amy - I went back in my collections and noticed that a lot of my favorites for grungy whites with a little horizontal or vertical graphic emphasis have either been discontinued in the shop or are from other stores altogether. This could be a great little mini for designers to put together for us. However, here were a few that I use often that are in the ScrapGirls shop.

Song from A Secret Garden from Butterfly Dsign has some of my favorite whitish grunge blenders. It doesn't really have graph or lined paper, but the rest of the kit has a lot of neutral embellishments.

Write a Letter from Carol W Designs has some pretty cool grungy whites, off-whites and beiges (easy to lighten with either an overlay or a fade) with a a wide variety of neutral embellishments.

Tami Miller's Chit Chat Collection has a white paper in it that has interesting horizontal dimension in a bright white that I go back to again and again. Not much about the kit is neutral except for some "newspaper" look embellishments and some counterpoint beige colors. The collection is below, but here is link to one of my layouts using this paper.

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I use these white papers, which are very subtle: Blank Canvas by Susie Roberts:  http://store.scrapgirls.com/Blank-Canvases-Paper-Biggie.html

BMU Book of Scraps has a shiplap paper and a ledger, if that helps. http://store.scrapgirls.com/Book-of-Scraps-Collection-Biggie.html

... As I look through my collections, I'm noticing many of them contain at least one white or off-white paper. Let us know if we are on the right track. :) 


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Thank you, I added to my wishlist & bought a super biggie (was too scrumptious not to)! I'm running out of pix to scarp - time to get some stock pix!


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