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August Monthly Challenges


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August Challenges

So far we’ve had a very unusual and mild-ish Summer here in sunny St George. It has stuck around 99 degrees, with one or 2 weeks of 110 degrees. Hopefully our coolish Summer stays on path. Here are the 4 challenges I have chosen for August. A month of “S’s

1.   Since it’s Summer here in the Northern hemisphere, let’s see some water (swimming etc) layouts. Even if you are not in the Summer months where you live, show us some watering spots near you, be it lake, river, sea, or stream.

2.   Using a Shape, clip a photo to it. Do not use square, rectangle, mask, triangle, hexagon, try creating your own shape. I used an S curve for my shape. Fill the page, vertical or horizontal. (Here is my page).

3.   One photo, and only Strips of paper as embellishments. No other embellishments. You may journal on some or all of those strips.

4.   Stitching. Use stitching to anchor your photos and or embellishments.

Kimeric Creations has a great collection of stitches. Stitching Basics vol 1


Cherish Oleson has SS album templates 4x6 Stitches and Tags… 


Laitha Art Studio has:


You have all month to scrap these layouts.  As you create your layouts, post them in the Monthly Challenge Gallery, then come back to this thread and leave a link to your layouts.  The monthly layouts count towards the August Challenge Chase as well, so if you're participating, don't forget to leave a link to your layouts there as well. (Link will come later today)

Happy scrapping!

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Here is my water page. I don't have much time for scrapping, we are picking up and moving again today. Everyones pages are so awesome but I feel bad I do not have time to make many comments.

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