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I just tried my first upload page to the gallery. I am hoping it is correct. However, I am not seeing the gallery credits I listed. It should have a kit by Aimee Harrison Designs and a template by Miss Fish Designs. Also I placed in member galleries, as I didn't know how to link to the designer gallery.

Thank you for any assistance.


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Hi, are you trying to post your credits in the "Description" section when uploading your page?   If so, one tricky part to posting is that after you type in the information you have to click the "Save details" button right below your typing.   When I forget to do that, all of the details are lost!  😱 


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7 minutes ago, msbrad said:

My rich text is grayed out.


Sorry there seems to be an issue. Let me run through my steps, and if it is still grayed out, you should contact @April Showers and let her know you are still having problems.

1. Under the gallery heading where you want to add your layout, click Add Images.
2. Click on image once you have loaded it from your computer. This will open a set of boxes on the right side.
3. On the right side there should be a "Description" box and under that box is "Use rich text editor." Click on those blue letters.
4. That should take you to a new box where you can add the kit(s) used and add the links with the hyperlink button. Highlight the text you want to link and then click on the hyperlink icon and paste from the ScrapGirls Shop page URL.
5. When done, click on "Submit All Images."

I hope this helps!

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