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ABC Game - Anniversary Celebrations


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Hope you are already enjoying the Bingo Game this month which is part of our 18th Anniversary Celebrations.  

Now for  my game which is just a game, there are no layouts to be created. This is just for fun but is part of the Anniversary prizes to be given.  So please read further on in this post to find out the requirements of being eligible for the chance of a prize. 

This is a game of ABC in the store.  I will start the game off by sharing a collection ( or Scrap Simple product) that has a  title begins with the letter "A"  the next person to come along and play must find something in the store starting with the letter "B" followed by the next participant finding something starting with "C".  We will continue on in the  alphabet. If we get stuck on letters like "Q", "X" or "Z"  we will skip those.  You must share an image of the product and if possible a link to the store but not a serious requirement.

You are allowed to play more than once but let someone else go after you and not play twice in a row.  The more you play does not give you more chances for a prize but I do hope you all keep playing just for the fun. 


To be eligible for any of the 3 grand prizes you must participate in all of the games and challenges and update your post in the Anniversary Week Participation Thread by the midnight EDT on October 31st.  We will then do a random draw for each of the prizes from all the eligible participants.

1st Prize:  $75 Gift Certificate
2nd Prize: $50 Gift Certificate
3rd Prize: $25 Gift Certificate
Each individual game & challenge will have a prize drawing for a $5 gift certificate.

After you have participated in this game, edit your post to add "done" for the  Saturday 22nd. 

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  • A-M changed the title to ABC Game - Anniversary Celebrations

I do like Amanda's designs so I went for a stroll through her products and found:

"C" =  Cranberry Crisp

Cranberry Crisp #digitalscrapbooking Collection by AFT Designs - Amanda Fraijo-Tobin @ScrapGirls

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6 hours ago, A-M said:

@ladyscrapalot  Kelly have you signed up in the participation thread  HERE as I could not find you there! 

Thankyou for playing my game. 

I haven’t signed up yet as I haven’t decided if I’m going to. I work 40 hours a week so sometimes it’s hard to find the time. Thank you for the sign up link though. 

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