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Leave Some Love Game 10/30/2022

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Let's finish this Anniversary week with a fun and favorite game: Leave Some Love  The object of this game is simple.  Go explore the gallery, and leave some love/words of encouragement on all those amazing layouts.  Now for the rules:

Start a post in this thread that you will edit throughout the day. 

Go to the gallery (any gallery not just anniversary) and leave a meaningful comment on a layout (let’s just not leave “great layout” let’s tell them what we love about it or what we think they did well when creating it)

Come back and post the link to your layout(s) you commented on.  Please number each entry so it’s easier for us to see how many you left love on.  For example:

1: http://scrapgirls.net/forum/gallery/image/204270-tues-newsletter-challenge/

2: http://scrapgirls.net/forum/gallery/image/204269-pie-is-life/

3: http://scrapgirls.net/forum/gallery/image/204268-weekend-wildcard-challenge-end/

Update your post in the Sale-A-Bration tracking thread showing that you have participated in this game

All games/challenges close at midnight EST 10/31

Prize: To win this game simply be the person who left some love on the most layouts.  The winner of this game will receive a $5 gift certificate. In order for this game to count toward the grand prize please leave at least 10 gallery comments!


To be eligible for any of the 3 grand prizes you must participate in all games and challenges by the deadline (midnight EST 10/31) We will then do a random draw for each of the prizes from everyone that’s eligible.

1st Prize:  $75 GC

2nd Prize: $50 GC

3rd Prize: $25 GC

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My post:

1.  End of Lettuce
2.  Endeavor
3.  End of Smoky Day
4.  Family
5.  Your Ending
6.   Squirrels
7.  Project Life - Belle
8.   Project Life - Mikelle
10. Soaring Wings
11. Mess or Masterpiece - Laura
12. Weekend Getaway
13. Remember the Magic
14. Horse Taxi
15. Color Chain - Grace J
16. Bingo Prompt 19 - Grace J
17. Bingo Prompt 21 Grace J
18. Evening Hike
19. Walkies
20. A Walk with Poppa




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AARGhhhhh.   I've already left love on a lot of layouts today!  I''ll post the ones I've done since this game was started and I'll check through the Anniversary Gallery later!

1.  Barbara - Lettuce
2. Hilary - Endeavor
3. Lynne - Moon
4. Grace - WW
5. Kelly - Stiches
6. Celestine - Bourbon Balls
7.  Debby - Halloween
8.  Anne Marie Tuesday Challenge
9.  Grace Recipe
10. Laura Kids

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I leave love allot but now I will count

1. Belle- weekend

2. Englishrose

3. Andrea

4. Marij

5. docsheila1

6. scrapgarden

8. barbaraj

9. englishrose

10. bcga100

11. Celestine

12. Andrea

13.Florida Granny

14. Marij

16. Jane in NZ

17. Belle

18. A_M

19. Mikelle

20. H Keith


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*** Oh my- you still have until midnight tonight to make comments. That's when the game ends! My error- I knew that but my other brain thought it was tonight. There might be a clear winner.

So very sorry!



I have a 3 way tie with 20 comments each. 

Florida Granny



I'll check with Angie- I may need to do a random draw to choose the $5 winner.

Thanks for playing everyone!

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