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12 Days of Christmas - Game


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11 hours ago, GraceJ said:

Me too.
Ann-Marie @A-M dear, I'm guessing the price can be more than $9.99, right?

Yes, as the rule says ... ONE Value Pack  and they are mostly more than $9.99 

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Fifth  of Christmas random winner is........... @Amy D   Congratulations  -  Amy, Angie possibly will send you, your prize like she has done for the others.


Thank You Sending A Very Big Thank You GIF - Thank You Sending A Very Big  Thank You Stars - Discover & Share GIFs 

to those who played this game.  I wish I could have allowed you all to be winners! 


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:congrats3: Amy.

Anne-Marie & Angie, Thank you for organizing, hosting and providing us the opportunity to win some awesome products from the SG's Shop.

Thank you to Everyone who played because my Wish List has plenty of suggestions for family & friends. 

Happy  Holidays  to you and your families. :santa-smilie:

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