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March Challenge Chase

April Showers

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March 2023 Challenge Chase 


Here's how to participate in the March Challenge Chase:
-Sign-up on this thread so I can add you to the tracking spreadsheet. You can sign-up any time during the month!

-Complete 6 Challenge Chase Layouts during the month. Choose any you'd like from the four March Monthly Challenges and the regular weekly challenges (Newsletter and Weekend).

-You have all month to complete the layouts! You could do all six the first week of the month if you'd like.

-To qualify, Challenge Chase layouts must be posted in one of the following three galleries and meet our challenge layout criteria:

-Post links to your layouts in this thread so I can track them. You may put more than one link in a post, but if you edit your old posts to add new links, I'll miss them! I only check the posts added AFTER the last tracker update.

For those who meet our Challenge Chase each month, coupons for 25% off our store will be sent out the first week of the following month and must be used in that month.

We have this fun Challenge Chase Blinkie for you to sport in your signature!


We've tried to make this simple, but feel free to ask any questions on this thread

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April, please sign me. I hope to do better this month than last. 

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My 2nd entry for the month: A Beautiful Day - (for the March Madness game)


Edit - this was for the March Madness game so it might not count toward the CC - no worries!

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