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It's March Madness! (March 2023 monthly game)

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March 24th (Layout #4, Friday):

Talk about BUSY!  I'm not worried though, you all have done an amazing job this entire month, I'm so impressed with all of the layouts!  Our task for today:

Choose 3 of the following to add to your layout (add them even if you already have similar elements):

- Sparkle or glitter

- A photo frame

- A flower

- A charm of some sort (I love charms, especially the lucky ones!)

- A clock or timepiece

- An owl

- A splash of pink

- A clip (paper clip, binding clip, hair clip... any sort of clip)

- A snowman

- A pencil, pen, or paintbrush

- A paint splatter or paint stroke

- A shoe

😄   :shycouch:

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4 hours ago, barbaraj said:

I found a horse shoe in the store but none in my stash.

I just bought "Erin Go Bragh" & there is a horseshoe in there - you and I seem to be on the same wavelength many times!

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March 25th (Layout #4, Saturday):

You made it to the end of another week, with another incredible layout!  Add your finishing touches, date, etc and upload your layout to the Slow Scrap Gallery.  Come back to this thread and leave a link to your layout!  

If you post by Sunday night at midnight (March 26th at midnight ET), you'll be eligible for the week 4 drawing.  And yes, I realize I haven't done the drawings yet.  I'm prolonging the anticipation!  But I will soon.  Keep your eyes peeled for a winners post!

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CKA SSDLOT Stylish Frames
3 photos
Papers -SNU Picturesque Paper Sunflower, BMU Gypsy Rose Paper Little Floral, BMU One Yellow Paper Brocade Yellow
Embellishments - BMU Menagerie Embellishments x 3, ABL Floral Abundance Embellishments x 8
BMU One Yellow Paper Thin Stripe, ABL SSEmb Bakers Twine red bow
Fonts/Alphas - Font Harrington, AFT Word Art A Golden Memory, Font LD Carefree Black
VRA Hardware Button
3 Extras - BMU Menagerie Paint Splatter, Paper Clip, Splash of pink on the title

Here is my Week 4 page Tulips

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Thanks for another fun week Mikelle :) Here's MINE

Day 1: LLO_PIrateBay_Paper_Red, LLO_PIrateBay_Paper_MultiTriangles, LLO_PIrateBay_Paper_RedStripe

Day 2: LLO_PIrateBay_Emb_Parrot, LLO_PIrateBay_Emb_Helm, LLO_PIrateBay_Emb_Leaf_DkGreen, LLO_PIrateBay_Emb_Flower_BWPirate x 2, LLO_PIrateBay_Emb_Flower_RedPainted x 2,  LLO_PIrateBay_Emb_Flower_WhitePainted x 2, LLO_PIrateBay_Emb_TreasureChest_Open, LLO_PIrateBay_Emb_Charm_Octopus

Day 3: LLO_PIrateBay_Paper_MultiStripe, LLO_PIrateBay_Emb_Ribbon_Curled1

Day 4: Pirate Kids, Pirate of the Seaside, Blackoak Std fonts, PJU_sept_bloom_el(16)

Day 5: LLO_PIrateBay_Emb_Charm_AnchorRope, LLO_PIrateBay_Emb_Flower_BlackPainted, bhs_opendoors_watch

Day 6: SNU_SSStyles_ShadowMe6301



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MM Week 4

2W Bloom papers;

1 cw_SwingingOnAStar_el24

2 label3;

3 cw_EmbraceHope_art_dl17

4 kimeric_wl_graf (9);

5 cw_FriendsForever_el18 Cat

6 cw_EmbraceHope_leaf2

7  cw_SwingingOnAStar_leaf2

8 cw_SwingingOnAStar_el33

9 cw_SwingingOnAStar_flower15

10 cw_SwingingOnAStar_el19

11 CKH_SplishSplash_PS_9

Striped paper; ABR_HC_AddOn_PaperStripe with BMU Graphic Novel Style; aimeeh_feelingsheepish_emb_string

Fonts: HotSweat Regular; Adobe Casion Pr Bold Italic; Cattino Regular;

LLO_Handmade_Nano_Flower_Lilac; SilviaRomeo_TuscanNights_Clip; GWH_NatureWalk_Owl



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Welcome to Week 5 of March Madness!  As for the "real" March Madness, the NCAA basketball tournament - my team (Gonzaga) lost this weekend.  Boo.  Maybe next year will be better for them!  I also have had a bad cold and low-grade fever all weekend.  I've been super useless all weekend.

This week we will be finishing layout #5 on Friday instead of Saturday, since Friday is the last day of the month, but you will have until Sunday, April 2nd at midnight ET to post your finished layout in order to be eligible for Week 5's drawing.  If you're trying to get caught up, you also have until Sunday night (April 2nd) to get all of the layouts posted that we've done this month, to be eligible for the grand prize drawing.

March 27th (Layout #5, Monday):

Choose 2 or 3 photos you want to work with this week; choose photos that you don't mind being smaller on your layout (closeups work well).  Find one solid paper to use behind the photos.  Don't overthink the solid requirement - the paper just needs to be mostly the same color, without much of a pattern.  

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WINNER POST!  Winners of the first four weeks of March Madness 2023, by random drawing:

Week 1:  Belle  @Belle

Week 2: Carla @CRS

Week 3: Grace @GraceJ

Week 4: Jane @Jane in N.Z

Congratulations to the four of you!  You each have won a $5 gift card to the SG Store.  To claim your prize, email Angie at prizes@scrapgirls.com to let her know you've won.  

We still have the drawing for week 5, which is also a $5 gift card, and then the Grand Prize drawing of a $20 gift card.  In order to be eligible for the week 5 drawing, you must post your week 5 layout by Sunday evening April 2nd at midnight ET (I'll give the last task for layout #5 on Friday, March 31st).  To be eligible for the Grand Prize drawing, post any or all layouts we've done this month by the same time (Sunday, April 2nd by midnight ET).  You will earn one entry for each layout you have posted by that time (so if you've posted all 5 March Madness layouts at some point during the month, you'll earn 5 entries to the drawing).  So, there's time to catch up!  

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March 28th (Layout #5, Tuesday):

Make your photos somewhat small and orient them into one corner of your layout (how small is up to you - I'm going for something of a white space layout... at least so far as you know!)  You may arrange your photos any way you wish, they just need to somewhat be in one corner of the page.

Find a piece of word art to use, and place it near or on your photos.  Now find 3 unique embellishments and arrange them near or on your photos.

Hmmmm... I'm really curious how this is going to translate to each of your layouts!  :shycouch:

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Caught up this morning. Thank you Mikelle...feel better.

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27 March:  2 photos and one paper added.kimeric_wl_bpp (5);

28 March: 2W_Bloom_paperstrip1 word art

3 embellishments; CRO_FarmLiving_WA2Dirt; 2W_Bloom_flower6; 2W_Bloom_plant

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Background paper, photos and three embellishments added. My photos are in the corner but I haven't arranged anything else yet or squished the word art. I'm waiting to see what other plans you have for us... :D 

BMU Rustic Wedding background paper; SJO Twilight Magic and BMU Rustic Wedding embellishments; bhs Word Art.


March Madness Wk 5 Tuesday.jpg

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March 29th (Layout #5, Wednesday):

Today, create a title for your layout, and make it LARGE and in CHARGE!  All that white space I left you with, make your title feel very at home in all that space.  You can use anything you want for your title (alpha, font, wordart), but we'll be doing at least one thing with it tomorrow, so don't get too comfortable!

Now add four more unique embellishments to your layout.  You don't have to arrange them yet, unless you want to.

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All caught up and congrats ladies! I bet opening your email was joyful, to see you won shopping money!!

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