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I'm getting ready to send out all the GC now.  Please note you will just get 1 for everything that has been won (including bingo)


6/23 Bird Watching - I will send out the GC to all winners today

6/24 Weekend Wild Charge  @Westina

6/25 Leave Some Love  @Belle

6/26 Mess Or Masterpiece  @Florida granny

6/27 Tue Challenge @Amy D

6/28 Show Me @LindaH57

6/29 Thur Challenge @Jane in N.Z

6/30 Friday Caption That Photo  @Tracy


$75 winner @MariJ

$50 winner @barbaraj

$25 winner @scrapgarden

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time to shop again! Congrats to all the SBB 2023 recipients of SG gift cards!! Great games & fun LOs made by all!

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Congratulations Everyone! Was a fun month of games and pages!! Loved seeing everyones beautiful pages.

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:sign_Congrats_wav:  to all the winners! 

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