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Weekend Challenge - Aug. 26, 2023


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Today's challenge is all about layers, and I thought I would use a "recipe" to dictate a rough template of how you should go about it. Feel free to make the layers as big or small, prominent or subtle as you like, but you MUST do the layers in the order outlined in the list below, with the exception of adding a title and/or journaling anywhere in the order.
1.  Mixed media paper - 1
2.  Solid paper - 1
3.  Brush - 1
4.  Spatter(s) - as many as you like
5.  Element(s) with transparency (i.e. cut file, lace, net, doodles, etc) - as many as you like
6.  Patterned paper - 1 
7.  Sticker(s) - as many as you like
8.  Photo - 1
9.  Frame -1
10. 3D embellishment(s) - as many as you like

I am excited to see how different our layouts all look with this basic template of 10 ordered items.

This is the last weekend challenge to add to the August Challenge Chase, and please remember to post your link in the thread below after plugging your layout into the Weekend Wildcard Gallery. I created a ten-step layered layout as an example, and it is called We Two.

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3 hours ago, ladyscrapalot said:

I have to say this was very challenging for me. I worked on it literally all day. I wanted to make my page cohesive and not just use items for the sake of the requirements. It's a very busy page for me and I'm still not sure if I'm completely happy with it. But I'm calling it done. ^_^

I think you accomplished your goals, it really does look cohesive and is a beautiful page. 

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3 hours ago, ScrapgirlCindy said:

My granddaughter doing the Macarena.  I loved this challenge and used this recipe to do quite a few more layouts over the weekend.  This LO has more layering than I normally do but it was fun.  This is MINE

I am so happy you had fun with this and used the layers guide for multiple layouts!

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