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Tuesday Challenge 9/12/23


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My 16 year old draws, and she recently mentioned that she's been into creating word art lately. I've suggested to her a few times over the past years that she should consider digital scrapbook designing - she grins when I say she might make a little spending money.  As digital scrappers, we often strive to make our layouts appear as "real" and natural as we can, incorporating textures, hand-drawn elements, etc.  This week, let's create layouts that include at least 3 hand-drawn elements or doodles.  When your layout is complete, upload it to the Newsletter Challenge Gallery, then come back to this thread and leave a link to your layout so we can all admire it!  If you are participating in September's Challenge Chase, be sure to leave a link there, too.

Here are some examples available in the SG Shop, to help motivate you!

Pen and Ink Doodles (brushes) by Cherise Oleson

Cats Rule Cartoon Cats by Adrienne Skelton

Mixed Media Girls by 2Worlds Art (Jana Oliveira)

Hello School Scribble and Doodles by Sekada Designs

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I may be delayed in posting my own layout, but I'm excited to create a doodle layout!  BTW, my 16 year old's nickname has always been "Doodle Bug."  Perfect! Anyway, I will eventually post my layout - I've just got a couple of things that need some attention first (one is work-related).  I hope everyone is doing well - happy scrapping!

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