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The Never-Ending Layout/Slow Scrap Mash-Up! (Wednesday's Anniversary Game)


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Yes, you read that right - The Never-Ending LAYOUT!  In the past, we've sometimes played a game called The Never-Ending Story, where we each add a few sentences, building a crazy story with twists and turns... we never know where we'll end up.  For this game, we will do something similar, but for a layout or two instead of a story.  The instructions are pretty simple:  I will give you a starting task, and then someone else will post a second task, then someone else a third task, etc.  As we go along, do your best to keep up with actually building your Never-Ending layout, based on the tasks posted - or procrastinate and throw together your layout at the end!  

You can't post tasks twice in a row - you must wait until someone else posts after you before you can post again.

Depending on how quickly (or slowly) this game moves along, I might decide to finish (and post) the first layout, and then we'll start a second layout, possibly even a third. The game will run for a week, through Tuesday, October 31st (oooo, Halloween! Scary!)  

In order to get credit for playing this game, you will need to fulfill at least one of two requirements (I encourage you to do both, of course, more fun that way!)

You must either:

1.  Provide at least 3 separate tasks over the week


2. You must post at least one finished Never-Ending Layout (by midnight ET Nov 1st).  And I use the word "finished" quite loosely, lol.

Remember that you will have all week to drop in at your convenience to post tasks, and/or you will have until midnight ET November 1st to post at least one crazy layout. If the game slows down, either I or another Creative Team Member or Welcoming Team Member will pop in and post a task to get things moving again, so you should have no problem getting enough tasks in.

Let's see where this takes us!  I will post the first task in the comment below.  Let me know if I need to explain anything as we go along.  :) 

Edited to add: The list of tasks for the first layout is compiled HERE


To be eligible for any of the 3 grand prizes you must participate in all games and challenges and update your post in the Anniversary Week Participation Thread by the deadline (midnight EST 11/1) We will then do a random draw for each of the prizes from everyone that’s eligible.

1st Prize:  $75 GC
2nd Prize: $50 GC
3rd Prize: $25 GC

Each individual game/challenge will have a $5 prize

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A few other thoughts before I get the ball rolling with the first task:  Just do your best with this game, don't get too bogged down in "doing it right."  It's supposed to be fun!  If someone posts a task that you just can't do (maybe your software won't cooperate, or you don't have the specific element the task asks for), approximate - just do something similar to what the task is asking for.  I definitely won't be policing your layouts, I'm just excited to see what you might end up with (if you decide to post your layouts).

Tasks you post can be as easy, simple, silly, crazy, etc as you'd like, but one thing I would suggest is, try to come up with tasks that you think almost everyone would be able to accomplish, such as "Add a blue butterfly."  Unless someone is very new to digital scrapping, most of us would be able to find a blue butterfly in our stash somewhere.  Last, keep your tasks single; don't hide multiple tasks inside one post, such as "add a white embossed paper and a pink border."  This is two tasks disguised as one.  You can make specifications to your task, though, such as "add a white embossed paper, overlapping just the left corner of your layout."

Let's try to put tasks in bold, to help them stand out (if you forget, no worries).

Ready for the first task?  After I post this task, anyone else can post another task, then someone else, and on and on.

It's pumpkin season - let's start with an orange (or orange-ish) background paper.

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Woo hoo, great tasks are being posted!  I will check in again a little later, I have to go to work for a few hours.  I can’t wait to get home and catch up on my layout. I will be posting updates on mine as we go along.  Everyone is welcome to do the same, but it’s not a requirement. 😀

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