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Friday Anniversary Celebration game: Would You Rather?


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Would you rather? I will start the game. The next person answers which one they would rather do and then post their own question.  Feel free to chime in on past questions.  I will go first.


In order to be eligible for Grand Prizes you must participate all games/challenges before the event closes at midnight EST 11/1
After you have completed this task please remember to update your post in the 
Sale - A -Bration participation thread


Here are the ways you can include the links:

1.  Right click on the link image and select "copy image address" and then past it in the post.  It appears this keeps the link in tact.  

2.  Copy the product image and past it in the post, then double click the image you just posted and post the product link in the link URL box.

3.  You can also post the photo and link separately in your post!

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Ummmm...  I've actually only scrapped with Jody when in Australia and we did it almost every day via texting.  It was so cool sending layouts and photos and words back and forth.  It was so natural, we'd often be quiet while we worked on our own stuff - it really was like being together.
Long story to say - other than that I probably like scrapping alone because I can focus better and don't get distracted.

Would you rather use glitter or have a non-sparkly page?   (I know it might depend on the page but I couldn't think of anything else to ask!)

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Oh man, word art, I own lots and yet use little. I would say create my own. Mostly because I forget.

I want to ask food questions LOL But will keep it scrappy. 

Would you rather scrap a recipe or just photos.

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If I had to choose one forever and ever, I would choose to use as is. But with that said, I like a good artsy effect on my photos. How's that for indecisive!

Would you rather put a border around your page edge or leave the edges undefined? 

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