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Jumpstart January 2024

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Up to date. 

Thank you April for posting the tasks every day  this has been a fun JJ so far but I feel there might be more speedbumps.

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Just caught up as we have had visitors staying for a few days :) 

Jan 25th Task 19..... 3 papers from ABL_Scrapyard blended with templates
Jan 26th Task 20...... 1 photo and framed added
Jan 27th Task 21.... 3 embellishments added
Jan 28th Task 22... Title added using 2 alphas and a font
Jane 29th Task 23.....journaling, date and finishing touches added
    LO #5 finished Layout

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Posting this while I'm thinking about it. I actually forgot to put the 31st on my task list. :embarrassed003:

January 31st
Check to make sure you’ve posted all your layout links in this thread. Remember that you don’t have to finish all of the layouts to qualify for prizes!

If you are all caught up, take a look through the Jumpstart January Gallery and leave a few comments. Thanks so much for playing along this month!

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