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January 2024 Monthly Challenges


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H A P P Y   N E W   Y E A R ! ! !

It is a new year and a new crop of challenges here at ScrapGirls.
If you've never joined us before, this is an excellent time to step in
and challenge yourself with digital scrapbooking.
Make friends, have fun and feel encouraged no matter your skill level!

Each month, we start off with four random challenges, plus there are additional challenges posted every Tuesday and Saturday.
Every week two layouts are selected for ScrapGirls Shop gift cards,
one at random from all layouts in the Gallery, and one from that week's Tuesday or Saturday Challenges.
Finally, if you post links to six of your layouts from the Monthly, Tuesday or Saturday Challenges in that month's Challenge Chase thread,
you will receive a gift card for 25% off any purchase in the ScrapGirls Shop.
So many prizes and so much fun, so we hope you join us!

Here are the four monthly challenges for January 2024.
Please post the layouts in the Monthly Challenge Gallery and post a link in the thread below.

1. Create a New Siggy
Some of you have already created one after the holidays, but others like me need a little push, and this is it.
How to Create A Custom Signature
How to Add a Custom Image to Your Forum Signature

2. Today is 1-1-24.
Use 1 photograph, 1 paper and 24 embellishments in your layout.

That's a lot of embellishments, so feel free to duplicate them, pile them up, spread them out or make a scatter.

3. White Out
Make everything on your layout various hues of white, with the exception of your photo(s), which may be color or black and white.

4. Colored Shadows
Most of us use shadows, but usually put them in gray. Your challenge is to make some shadows on your layout a different, and very obvious color.
We want to see that colored shadow work!

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@Celestine  some very interesting challenges.   The colored shadowing sounds unique. I might play around with that for a fun art journal styled page. 

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Challenge #1 - new signature 

We do not get snow here but I feel like cooling off a little because we have had some very hot weather.  I found the lovely little bird card in the kit I used so could no resist using it.  My new signature is in the gallery HERE

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