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February Monthly Challenge 02/2024


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I’ve always been a fan of challenges and ScrapGirls offers many options to get your creative juices flowing. Each month, there are four random challenges, and in addition challenges are posted every Tuesday and Saturday. Every week two layouts are selected for ScrapGirls Shop gift cards, one at random from all layouts in the Gallery, and one from that week's Tuesday or Saturday Challenges.
Finally, if you post links to six of your layouts from the Monthly, Tuesday or Saturday Challenges in that month's Challenge Chase thread,
you will receive a gift card for 25% off any purchase in the ScrapGirls Shop.
So many prizes and so much fun, so we hope you join us!
Here are the 4 random Challenges for February.
1.     Do you have photos that have been waiting to be scrapped because you just don’t have the perfect collection(s) for them? I did and so I posted in the forum here looking for collections to use for the photos of my grandson at homecoming in 2023. Here’s the thread if you’d like to take a look. Remember you can always go to this forum and ask if you are searching for just the right kit. Scrap those photos now that you have the perfect collection(s).
2.    Are you a book lover? Do you like to read or know someone that does? Create a page about reading and if you’d like to join this month’s book club at ScrapGirls go here and check it out.

3.    Let’s make an old challenge new again. Combine at least 2 alphas or fonts for your page title.
4.    Since February is the love month let’s leave some love. Leave love on at least 14 layouts and make sure to write at least 2 sentences
Start a spot for yourself below and as you complete a challenge post your project to the Monthly Challenge Gallery and come back here with a link so we can leave you lots of love. For challenge #4 please leave a link to the layout where you left your comment.

If you are participating in the challenge chase don't forget to add your project there as well: February Challenge Chase

Thanks and I'm looking forward to your pages!.

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DONE Leaving Love.

1. 0124_JJ_LO5_BlendedBackground by mimes
2. 2023 Books by beatricemi
3. PL 2023 - week 3 - by Terri M
4. February 2025 Calendar Page by A-M
5. Pink - by AJsRandom
6. Project-Life-2024-January-Journal - by scrapgarden
7. MC No 1 Sunset web.jpg - by Belle
8. MC-No-2-Reading-WEB.gif - by Belle
9. Bounty bars - by GraceJ
10. Tea Party by Terri M
11. Happy Birthday Nate by AJsRandom
12. nlc_01-30-24_pink by ladyscrapalot
13. Fill the Blanks #20 - by scrapgran
14. Weekend-Challenge--title-work - by Boatlady

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On 2/1/2024 at 1:32 PM, Belle said:

For no 1, do we have to buy a collection to be able to do this one?

@Belle I am so sorry. I've had a busy few days. No you do not have to buy a new collection. Maybe just pick photos you want to scrap and realize you have the perfect kit in your stash. Or just scrap anything that you haven't done already. Sorry for the confusion and the time it took me to answer.

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Finally getting to a moment to scrap. Here is my 
#2 book lovers layout.


#4 Leave some love:

1.Happy birthday Nate

2. Tea Party

3. Belle's Sunset

4. Milwaukee Zoo

5. 2023 Books

6. Terri's WWC

7. Pink

8. AJ's Pink

9 Terri's PL

10. Terri's PL 3

11. Adore

12. AJ's wwc

13. Scrapgarden PL

14. PJU page

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