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February Fill in the Blanks Game


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Happy February ScrapGirls! Last July the Fill in the Blanks Game was so well received that we decided to offer it again for this month’s Forum Game. To play, use the letters and blanks hints and the sentence contextual clues to fill in the popular kit titles for each ScrapGirls Shop Designer, and then create layouts for extra chances to win gift cards. 

The blanks include the titles of mini kits, collections and value packs. The words mini, kit, collection and value pack are not included in the puzzle. Message your answers to me here at ScrapGirls.

You will have until midnight, February 29, CST to find all the kit titles and complete up to 32 layouts, potentially highlighting each designer in the ScrapGirls Shop.

Those who find all the correct kit titles will be entered into a drawing for a $5 gift card.

Next, complete layouts for chances to win either a $10 or $15 gift card. There are TWO ways to gain “chances” to win for each of the 32 layouts eligible:

For example, if the Fill in the Blanks Game answer is Brandy Murry’s: HAPPY BIRTHDAY, you may earn prize chances by:

1.    Completing a layout based thematically on the title of the Fill in the Blanks kit. For example, create a birthday themed layout using any designer and any kit. (equals 1 chance); OR

2.    Completing a layout utilizing the designer and her kit with the specific Fill in the Blanks Game answer. Continuing with our example, that would be a layout featuring Brandy Murry’s Happy Birthday kit. (equals 2 chances). While the layout can include other tools and kits, it should prominently feature the Fill in the Blanks Game kit.

Your layouts will be tracked in the Hodge Podge Gallery. It is very important to include the kits used in the description. Don’t forget to post your layout link in the Monthly Games thread below as you add them to the Gallery.

Personally keep track of your layout points. On Thursdays, I will update the thread with names of participants, layouts to date and number of points to make sure I am cataloging correctly.

Here are the Fill in the Blanks Game hints:

1.    2 Worlds Art Digital: Live life to the fullest, and find your _ L _ S _.

2.    Adrienne Skelton: If the canines are in charge it means that  _ _ G _   R _ _ E.

3.    AFT Designs: Color ran high in her face as she B L _ _ _ E _ with embarrassment.

4.    Aimee Harrison: Aspen, Colorado and Park City, Utah are considered popular _ I _ T _ R   R _ _ R E _ T locations in the United States.

5.    Angela Blanchard: Antique car enthusiasts will sometime scavenge a S _ _ _ P Y _ _ D  for auto parts.

6.    Angie Briggs: When signing off with affection, some people will write _ O U _ _   _ _ U L _ at the end of a letter.

7.    Bee Creation: _ R O _ _ Y the snowman was a jolly, happy soul.

8.    Bekah E Designs: A D V _ _ _ U _ _   _ W _ _ _ S, so fuel your wanderlust with the next great experience.

9.     Blue Heart Scraps: The umpire calls _ A T _ _ _   _ P for the next ball player to swing at pitches.

10.  Brandy Murry: Back in the day, many wedding invitations were _ _ B _ S S _ D to show they were custom printed.

11.  Butterfly Dsign: Many children, or even adults, will informally call their father D _ _ _ Y.

12.  Carol W Designs: A strong C O _ _ _ T _ L   _ I N _ moved up the shore and inland, knocking over power lines.

13.  Carolyn Kite: _ E L _ _ M _   T _   _H_   _ U _ G L _ by Guns N’ Roses is known as one of the greatest hard rock songs of all time.

14.  Chere Kaye: The _ O O _   _ E A D _ section of the ScrapGirls Forum has a brand, new book club discussion sponsored by Chere Kaye and Blue Heart Scraps.

15.  Cheri Thieleke: _ _ N G _ _ N S are found in the Southern Hemisphere, with a large concentration in Antarctica.

16.  Cherise Oleson: Woodstock is the most legendary M _ _ _ C   _ _ S T _ _ A L of all time.

17.  Designs by Helly: Many Christmas Hallmark movies include a romantic _ I N T _ R   W _ _ K for the couple falling in love.

18.  Diane Rooney: BUTTERFLY KISSES happen when you flutter your eyelashes against another person’s skin.
Feb. 2 Edit: Please note that DRO has been dropped from the ScrapGirls shop. The item has been left in the list in case anyone has started a layout. Feel free to use this theme and/or kit for entry points in the grand prize. That has not changed.

19.  DRB Designs: Primitive camping is considered _ O U G _ _ _ G    I_, while glamping is not.

20.  Elisha Barnett: F L _ _ _ Y   _ L _ M _ N G _ sounds like the name of either a vacation home in Florida or a pirate’s pub.

21.  Junk with Steph: _ _ F _ _ N Y   G _ _ S _  was one of the most well known art forms and companies to emerge from the Art Nouveau period.

22.  Kimeric Kreations: Little girls are made of _ U G _ R   A _ _    S _ _ C _ and everything nice.

23.  Laura Louie: During the 1950s, _ O Y   T _ _ I N _ were very popular gifts for little boys.

24.  Marlene Peacock: If you are a _ _ O K   _ _ V E R, then you will enjoy the new Good Reads discussions being offered in the ScrapGirls Forum!

25.  Pretty Ju Scrap: Some people will _ R E _ M in the night, but rarely remember the content.

26.  Shalae Tippetts: Someone who gives hugs to people is considered _ F F _ C T _ _ _ A T _.

27.  Silvia Romeo: A website like Ancestry will help you create a _ A M _ L _   T _ _ E and research genealogy.

28.  Susie Roberts: I loved the smell of cookies baking in M _   _ R A N _ _ A’ _   _ _ _ C H _ N.

29.  Syndee Rogers: Furniture movers are usually _ T R _ N _   E N _ U _ H to carry sofas and boxes into the house.

30.  Tami Miller: If it is _ _ W S W _ R _ H _, it will be covered by CNN, BBC or other media channels.

31.  Trixie Scraps Designs: On a N A T _ _ _   _ A _ K, people often collect leaves, nuts or pinecones or just enjoy the pretty view.

32.  Veronica Spriggs: Performing heart surgery or fixing a clock takes A   _ E L _ C _ T _   _ O _ _ H.

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I just noticed that Diane Rooney has been dropped from the ScrapGirls shop. That means there is no ability to look up her kit names for hints, so I have filled in BUTTERFLY KISSES as a "freebie." Since the list was already published and some people may have already started a layout, I will leave the ability to use this theme and/or her kit as is for points.

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15 minutes ago, scrapgran said:

Here is mine for #20 Flirty Flamingo

LOL. Laraine is going to give away all the answers! 🤣 Probably best if we all include our correlation to the number or the designer in the list, but avoid actually typing in the answer in the thread. Can't make it too easy for the latecomers! 😉

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