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lost files

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I had a horrible computer crash and many of my files were corrupted -- including about 40,000 image files from Scrapgirls (been doing it awhile!) I'm starting to try to reconstruct files but starting from the most recent (I did download February's) today and working backwards.  I haven't been ale to find the Club monthly files.  Help -- This is the only enjoyment pastime I have!!!

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So sorry to hear this, big UGH.
I recall there was a thread once listing the SG Clubs up to this point, but I've searched through the Forum and haven't been able to find it yet.

Maybe Angie @angleigh or April could help @April Showers?   I'll keep looking but so far no luck in finding the post.

Hope you are able to get your scrapping supplies back.  Good luck.

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@docsheila1  I'm sorry that stinks!   Everyone is right though, as long as we have the items still currently for sale in the store, orders can be resent.  Just email me at hello@scrapgirsl.com  or angie@scrapgirls.com  you can even PM me on the boards.    But download links are only good for 30 days, so right now you will only be able to go back 30 days to download.  

As for club information, you can see the past club links (we try to keep it updated) here



Scrap Girls



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My worst nightmare. I hope you get everything back. Try going to a computer repair shop they may be able to help.

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