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Oooooooo New Products

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I just love this time of year, and then our wonderful designers bring out gorgeous stuff for my stash! thank you ladies. Here are a few highlights, I'll be looking for more goodies in the morning:


http://store.scrapgirls.com/p29671.php - by Ang Campbell





Gratitude - by Amanda Fraijo-Tobin




Fabulous brushes to add to our Tannenbaum Collection by Jennifer Ziegler - new to me - and I love them!









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You beat me to it! These are all on my list to post, just fabulous!

1385087030[/url]' post='1098421']

the December digiDoer is out early! Good to see you finished your goal Jacqui!

JSM_dD-Everday_Dec_VP_MKTG_150.jpg Value Pack: digiDoer Everyday: December


JSM_dD-Everyday-Dec_PSM_MKTG_150.jpgdigiDoer Everyday: December Paper Super Mini


JSM_dD-Everyday-Dec_Brush_MKTG_150.jpg Brush Set: digiDoer Everyday: December Super Biggie

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Absolutely love this from Ginny

GWH_Collection_NorthPoleFriends_MKTG150.jpgNorth Pole Friends Collection

with a matching pocket life

GWH_NorthPoleFriendsPL_MKTG-150.jpg Pocket Life: North Pole Friends

and some solid papers

GWH_PaperSuperMini_NorthPoleFriends_MKTG-150.jpg North Pole Friends Paper Super Mini


or get them all in a Value Pack smile.gif

GWH_ValuePack_NorthPoleFriends_MKTG150.jpg Value Pack: North Pole Friends

I agree April. Endless possibilities on this one.


Thanks April and Andrea! smile.gif I printed them out for my grand daughter (she's 9) and she's having a ton of fun making her own Christmas cards for her brothers and sisters. She's definitely a budding artist/scrapbooker (Future Scrap Girl!!)

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Looked through the Boutique and found lots of new gorgeous products. Wow! Aren't our designers just fabulous. Those new Christmas kits are wonderful and I need them all.

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Thanks April. If only all my Christmas preparations were organised this early. :) We were just saying at lunch today that this time next month will be Christmas day. You guys in the US are lucky, you have one extra day.

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