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Red Sky: Fun Little Surprise Chat

Might be a bit late but I promised pinky cloudy things during the chat, so here it is! LOL I used a couple of different brushes and a gradient filter on my title and a couple of fun styles.


The painting of the boat is by the American artist Winslow Homer. I found it in one of the art books that was left to me from my father's collection.


BMU_Sunbursts Brush

BMU_TimeTraveller Cloud Brush


Font: Painters Hand

Font: Sunset + Vertical Gradient Fade Filter

Font: Vani

Painting: Homer Sloop, Bermuda.psd



Palm Trees Brush_Rawox + BMU_SSStyles_AutSuede Green

Watersplash_Frostbo 1 Brush

Watersplash_Frostbo 2 Brush

sm_cupids_grunge1_cu (75).png + BMU_SSStyles_AutSuede Navy


© & 2012 Eden

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oh, this is so very cool, the water blending is so neat, I really am enjoying studying your LO. so amazing what you made!!

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Eden this is such a unique creation. I love, love, love the feeling of the pink evening clouds. The water splashes work really well with the billowing boat sails and your title reflection came out wonderfully. What did you use to make the water like tapestry? Its beautiful.

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You continue to amaze me with your art. This is so lovely -- and so cool. I love the blending, of course, but it's the colors and the mix of patterns that really captured me. Beautifully done! (And, yes, seeing this is like eating dessert, lol).

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Eden what a cool layout - I love your pink clouds, the saying, your brush work AND the painting from your father's art book collection.

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Oh, my goodness!!!! This is just gorgeous. Into my favorites so I can steal, er, study it at my leisure. Love the pink clouds and your awesome title. The sea is wonderful, too - such great blending.

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