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Found 20 results

  1. Pab

    Slow Scrap #3

    I used the kit Mossy by Brandy Murry. Also used SNU_BurnedTextures_Styles and MRE_DLOT_Celebrate_LO2. It's a little funky looking after I turned it but not hideous.
  2. 2 papers: MPE_AutSpice_Latte_paper-Spec BMU_Vineyard_Paper_Leaves2 3 brushes: LLO_BrushSet_FramedNature ACU__Brsh_TravelStamps - I used 2 different ones 6 embellishments: JOD_AprilFresh_Stitch2 JOD_FancyArtRoses2_Rose5 BMU_Serendipity_EMB_Flower-Ivory ABL_NaturalistsJournal_Emb3_Dots-Green_ribbon GWH_MorningBrew_Emb_Leaf2 AFT_AllFall_Emb_Border1 extras: BMU_SSPaper_TornPaperMasks2 JOD_SSDec2016_Indispensable_Mask1 AFT_SSStyles_ArtfulCanvas SNU_SSStyles_ShadowMe6301-Grey 5 lines of journaling: In your senior year of college (2012-13) you won 2 free trips to Rome, including airfare and hotel. After much debate you decided to take your mom. It was an amazing trip, even the stressful parts. Maybe some day we can go again.
  3. My first photo captured of a hummingbird. Supplies in EXIF. TFL.
  4. I made my journaling into a brush and added it in two different colors. Date added Journal reads: I painted my kitchen cupboards from a dark sky blue to cream and I made some cakes for a colleague’s birthday. I decided to take some photos of my freshly painted kitchen with my freshly made cakes Supplies in exif properties
  5. One of the many photos of our trip to Scotland in 2009. TFL Supplies in exif properties
  6. We visited the Slimbridge Wetland Bird Center on 13 March this year with some friends. It was a lovely day and watched the swans doing a ballet performance on the water. I changed the levels of my photo because I didn't have the correct settings on my camera when I took this. Supplies in exif properties
  7. Marie-Christine

    Week 3

    De Vlaamsche Pot a Restaurant in Bruges, Belgium. My second home town. #sgdigimom #scrapgirls
  8. My Fleur Angie-LO-Sketch.jpg GWH_AutumnsHush_Paper_Mauve-Dot.jpg GWH_AutumnsHush_Paper_Grunge.jpg GWH_AutumnsHush_Paper_Tan.jpg AFT_BrushSet_MingledMonths.abr SNU_BrushSet_BubbleWrap-ABR GWH_AutumnsHush_Emb_Ribbon-Gold.png GWH_AutumnsHush_Emb_Flower-Brown.png GWH_AutumnsHush_Emb_Flower-Mauve.png GWH_AutumnsHush_Emb_Flower-Creme.png GWH_AutumnsHush_Emb_Flower-Navy.png Love font Papyrus font
  9. Marie-Christine


    Supplies in exif properties.
  10. I choose the lighthouse from back home, not only is it my favorite place but has always been the guiding light for many a sailors including my family. Supplies in exif properties
  11. nanna jo

    Longs Beach

    Long's Beach was where I spent many hours taking in the smells of the ocean as I wandered. SNU_SummerPassport_Ppr-Dots.jpg SNU_SummerPassport_Ppr-Sky.jpg ABR_SSPaper_ArtJourney-5e.png ABR_SSEmb_NatureWalkMask_1a.png BMU_FTDO_EMB_Button-Black.png ABR_CaptMem_WA_Ribbon-Mem.png BMU_Peaceful_EMB_HangingString-2.png JCO_APirate'sLife_BlackRibbon.png JCO_UTB_Seagull.png JCO_APirate'sLife_Alpha1 BMU_HeartofGold_Charm_Love.png Whimsy TT font 2Peas Simple font
  12. Journaling reads: All Saint's Church, Bodalla This historic church, one of the most splendidly apportioned in rural New South Wales, is delightfully set atop a hill on the outskirts of the small town of Bodalla. Fine views of the coastal hinterland may be taken in from the tower. The church has a fascinating history, long in association with the Mort family. vjs-agentlemansjourney-papers-07.jpg vjs-agentlemansjourney-scraps-06.png vjs-agentlemansjourney-scraps-10.png vjs-agentlemansjourney-paperframe-03.png vjs-agentlemansjourney-postcard-02.png vjs-agentlemansjourney-postcard-01.png vjs-agentlemansjourney-envelope-lg-02.png vjs-agentlemansjourney-staple-01.png GWH_ThroughHisEyes_Emb_Notebook.png vjs-agentlemansjourney-heart-01.png vjs-agentlemansjourney-pen-01.png vjs-agentlemansjourney-02-alpha00 Callie Hand (OT1) font
  13. My husband of almost 40 years - Michael. Supplies in EXIF properties.
  14. Marie-Christine


    My favorite place Picos Europa in Spain. My favorite hide-out. Supplies in exif properties. TFL
  15. Marie-Christine


    My younger Sister. We were very close,
  16. Here is my week 5 layout for the Four Seasons Slow Scrap.
  17. My final task (add 2 more leaves) from Week 4 - Fall. These photos were taken at the Weston Red Barn in Weston, Missouri. Supplies in EXIF.
  18. Nanscraps


    Amour collection for February
  19. Another fun scrap! Thanks for the challenge. Supplies: BMU_Classmates CCR_GraduationDay Fonts: Matura MT Script Capitals, Edwardian Script ITC, RooAGB Made in PSE12

    © roocmc

  20. "After our tour group returned to port from Mount Etna, I took a walk. This sleepy Sicilian town was very quiet on a Sunday afternoon. Only a couple blocks from the harbor I came across this church. It’s being renovated, but that doesn’t diminish its beauty. I loved seeing another example of St. Mark’s lion. And the statue of the Blessed Mother and Baby Jesus is gorgeous! The perfect finale to this beautiful day." Sept 13, 2013 - Messina, Sicily Supplies: JWH_ChristianLife BMU_SSEMB_ShadowedFrameClusters (just frames) Fonts: Vivacious, RooAGB2 Made in PSE12

    © roocmc

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