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You go, girl! I'm so proud of you! I think you are beautiful! I loved your "one day at a time" article this morning - very well said. I know very well too that alot of how I feel depends on how well I am taking care of myself - I wish you continued success and much happiness! You're doing super!

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Angie, I LOVE your layout and I also very much enjoyed your article in today's Newsletter.

What a wonderful story -- your words are very well taken and something we should all try to remember. I always think of how on the airplane they say in case of emergency, help yourself to oxygen FIRST, so that you can then better help others... Great words of wisdom and I love how you are an example for your boys, too - inspiring!

I think I love everything about this and thanks so much for sharing! :)

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You are an amazing inspiration to me! Congratulations on your weight loss! I absolutely love this layout!

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Great page! Love the way this collection makes the black and white photos stand out, yet is a part of the color scheme. Again, great article in newsletter - you look "mahvelous dahling!"

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Yes, one day at a time is the best recipe for success and you are a perfect example of that recipe! I loved your article and layout and it made me feel good too after reading about your journey. (I walked an extra lap this morning because of your inspiration and my body thanks you!)

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Goodness Angie you have done soooooooo well and you look so good!! That is an awesome feat! Thanks for sharing that with us, it is so encouraging!! Keep up the good work!

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Oh boy Angie, can I relate. We returned from a one month trip to So. America last summer and I couldn't beleive how much I had gained on that trip. Total wakeup call. I decided to join Weight Watchers and it has almost been one year but I have lost 45 lbs. It is a complete (and forever) change of life. However, I only manage a one mile walk a day. Can't even fathom 5 miles. Maybe this is why it has been slower. In any event, when I recently got a little discouraged, my husband handed me a 42 lb. container of kitty litter and said, "Here, this is how much weight you were carrying around." I could barely lift it. He even took my picture, so I should probably do a layout, although I hate putting my "before" picturs up. Don't ever give up. The determination to live a healther lifestyle takes courage and commitment, and I know with the support of your family and friends you will succeed. And as a post script, when you mentioned putting other people first, this is why you are such a wonderful (and patient) troubleshooter for Scrap Girls.

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