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Looking for a peacock

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Does anyone know of a kit showing a peacock bird in full color? I will have some zoo photos to scrap and I am perusing a few kits, but I haven't found a peacock bird. I've seen some kits with feathers, but I am hoping to find the full bird. Any help is appreciated. Thanks!

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I looked through my stash and I have a retired "Peacock Feather" collection, but it only has feathers, not the entire bird.
Laura Louie has these two peacocks, but they are jeweled pins, not real!
This one is from: LLO My Tribe


and this one is from LLO Amethyst Mist

Pretty, but sorry I couldn't be more helpful.  I thought there was a peacock in a collection but it's most likely retired.

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@mimes1 @MariJ Thank you both so much! I had actually looked at a couple of these kits and completely blew past the artistic renditions! I will be definitely be coming back to these when I get to those zoo pages. But, hint hint, if any designers wanted to do a more realistic representation of a peacock, I would be a happy zoo-goer!

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